Established in 1996, ENAR WELD BRAZE PVT. LTD. has been a trusted name in the Welding Industry from the very beginning. We began as a trading company dealing in Specialty Welding and Brazing Products and are authorised dealers for Venus Wires Industries, Kiswel Korea, Kobe Steel Welding Products.

An ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we offer a complete range of Welding and Brazing Consumables to fulfill all our customers needs. We are currently supplying to top Automotive Exhaust Manufacturers, Automotive Radiator Manufacturers, Automotive Air Conditioning Manufacturers, Fabrication Industry, Electrical Industry and various Engineering Maintenance Industries.

With all our expertise we started manufacturing of Copper Furnace Brazing Paste and Nickel Furnace Brazing Paste, being the sole manufacturers of this product in the entire country. We also manufacture Brazing Rings - Solid Wire Brazing Rings or Flux Cored Wire Brazing Rings.

We are authorised distributors for the following companies:

  1. Venus Wire Industries, India
  2. KISWEL Ltd., Korea
  3. KOBELCO (Kobe Steel) Welding Products
  5. EWB